Lech Lecha "Go forth, yourself"

Genesis 12:1-17:27

Isaiah 40:27-41:16

Romans 4:1-25



This D'var discusses what we need to do to be a friend to GOD. The Torah shows us we must rely upon GOD. Nothing is impossible if we put our trust and faith in the Living GOD. Just as Abraham was blessed, we, too, are blessed and can be called "friends of GOD."


Below are some thoughts related to this week's Torah portion. I hope that you will use these Scriptures as a study. Look up these references. Reflect upon them. Ask GOD to show you how you can be His friend.


Psalm 20:7

Some trust in chariots and some in horses; but we will trust in the name of the Lord, our GOD


What is in this portion?

       Abraham and his descendants

       Two thousand years from creation-the Era of Desolation

       Adam had fallen

       Abel was murdered

       Idolatry was introduced

       Ten generations were washed away by the deluge

       Ten generations from Noah had failed

       With Abraham, the Era of Desolation ends

       The Era of Torah begins





Genesis 12:1-28:18

       Patriarchal Age Begins With Abraham

       Abraham established in Canaan (12:1-14:24)

       Transition from Haran to Shechem, Bethel and the South Country (12:1-9)

       Sojourn in Egypt (12:10-20)

       Separation of Abraham and Lot (13:1-13)

       The Land is Promised (13:14-18)

       Lot rescued (14:1-16)

       Abraham blessed by Melchizedek (14:17-24)

       Abraham awaits the promised son (15:1-22; 24)

       The son promised (15:1-21)

       The birth of Ishmael (16:1-16)

       The promise renewed AND

       The covenant and its sign (17:1-27)

       Abraham the intercessor-Lot rescued (18:1-19:38)

       Abraham delivered from Abimelech (20:1-18)

       Isaac born-Ishmael expelled (21:1-21)

       Abraham dwells at Beersheba (21:22-36)

       The covenant confirmed in obedience (22:1-24)

       Abraham provides for posterity (23:1-25:18)

       Abraham acquires a burial plot (23:1-20)

       The bride for the promised son (24:1-67)

       Isaac designated as heir AND

       Death of Abraham (25:1-8(

       Mesopotamia-Land between two rivers

       The home of Abraham (Gen 12:6, 24:10, Acts 7:2)

       Abraham lived in Ur of Chaldees before coming to Haran (11:28-31)


Psalm 20:7-Some trust in chariots, but Abraham trusts the GOD of Heaven and Earth:

       Gen 15:6

       Romans 4:2,3,9

       Gal 3:6

       James 2:21,23

       Luke 3:8

       John 8:39



Compare his nephew, Lot:

       Abraham was a peacemaker (Gen 13:8)

       Sent Lot out so there would not be strife

       Lot lifted up his eyes and saw the plain of Yarden

       Chose the riches of Sodom/Gomorrah


Abraham was also known in Hebrew as Ha Ivri; One who crossed over. He crossed over from being an idol worshiper to serving the living GOD


A friend to GOD:

       Gen 15:6-trust

       Isaiah 41:8

       James 2:23

       2 Chron 29:7


Choose the Kingdom of GOD (Matt 6:33)

Living sacrifice (Rom 12:1)

Choosing GOD above family (Mark 10:29)

Rich young man chooses riches of this life over the Kingdom of GOD (Mark 10:18-23)

Difficult to enter the Kingdom (Luke 18:24)

Fear of the Lord is riches, honor, life (Prov 22:4)


Shavua Tov


Rabbi Z.

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